...Wir bieten Lösungen
...Wir bieten Lösungen

associates science and market reqirements
for modern products

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– the intergenerational timber
The extraordinary wood is increasingly becoming the focus of builders and architects. The synthesis of durability, dimensional stability and surface quality in conjunction with the absolute natural modification process is the requirement for the timber window of the future.
is the certified wooden window:
The Quality Assurance Association windows and doors eV has tested accoya® in the most prestigious institutes under the leadership of the ift Rosenheim to all properties and functions. The result is the Approval to the wood species list of the VFF HO.06 Part 4 „wood species for windows: Modified wood.“
is the durable and sustainable timber for windows:
Produced from a fast-growing pine that is grown on certified plantations and modified with pure, natural vinegar concentrate. accoya®helps with its exceptionally good thermal conductivity to achieve great thermal insulation values for wood windows. This saves permanently energy and allows for a far-sighted investment. With accoya®windows are produced, which are representing a quantum leap in their surface quality. Without much effort furniture surfaces will be realized and that with a product safety as it is not previously known for wooden windows. The maintenance costs are significantly reduced. The well-known brand manufacturers in the lacquer industry have tested accoya® in extensive tests. The result: Many years warranty statements for the surface and a significantly longer maintenance interval lead to a significant cost reduction in the maintenance of windows.
  • durability class 1 (the best at all)
  • Excellent dimensional stability, which improves the adhesion of the coating and the enormous benefits of the product
  • 50 years durability in above ground applications, as well as 25-year durability when used in the earth
  • Completely environmentally friendly - accoya®is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and origniates from sustainable forestry
  • Continuous, measurable quality not only on the surface, but everywhere in the wood
  • Durable natural strength and beauty, enhanced hardness
  • accoya®is also available at any time in the long run, and comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests and plantations. accoya® has been tested among the most demanding conditions and over long periods for its durability. Craftsmen, architects, builders and homeowners alike will benefit - and, for many applications in the future they will choose.
  • Pro tip: Use in direct contact with accoya® basically screws Nails, connecting parts in stainless steel.