...Wir bieten Lösungen
...Wir bieten Lösungen

Glued laminated beams free of knots/few knots

... conservatories and façades

Glulam from in principle. knot-free boards,
special glued, wood Moisture 12% + / -2%, weather and heat resistant


  • Outer and middle layers 20 - 24 mm
  • annual rings Rift Halbrift
  • Surface planed on 4 sides + beveled

Wood species:

  •  spruce-  Duo or  pure


  • conservatories, facades, Pfosten-/Riegel construction, interior work, play and sports equipment


  • durability class 1 
  • Permanent natural strength and beauty
  • improved hardness
  • high strength class provides a contemporary, filigree design
  • cost advantage due to the slim dimensions
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