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...Wir bieten Lösungen

sandwich filing exclusive
sandwich filing comfort
wood / cork / wood

Depending on requirements, D4 glued, PU or hotmelt glued, in principle A-A or A-C, sanded on both sides, in principle free of knots:
  • with 1-layer solid wood top layer 2.5 - 8 mm
  • with 3 layer solid wood top layers (2 x long solid wood top layer locked with center cross veneer)
  • with stop layer or elastic strain balancing layer for filling in areas exposed to the weather and especially suitable for Ornamental or Spurfräsungen with solid wood look

Available formats:

  • 2500 x 1250
    2200 x 1100
    2150 x 920
    1800 x 800
  • Others on request


  • with  on the exterior area significantly reduced swelling and shrinking behavior and thus a significantly reduced crack problem
  • through the use of  the decorative, artisanal Solid wood work
    stays goodly for a long time
  • easy to process and to finish
  • from sustainable forest management
  • environmentally safe (100% recyclable)
  • see  advantages