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...Wir bieten Lösungen

static scantling

… higher stability for higher elements at the same time even more slender cross-sections

  - for highest weathering on the exterior and special glue system for maximum stability claims - the best you can do for window elements

static scantling with a chopstick middle layer:
  • Improvement of the bending stiffness and stability for the same cross section through chopstick middle layer - D4 glued
  • top layer 6,6mm weatherproof PU-glued
Ursus static scantling alu-compact with HS stabilizing layer:
  • Vapor barrier against moistening
  • tensile reinforcing against curve


  • durability class 1
  • significantly reduced swelling and shrinking behavior
  • easy to process and to finish
  • from sustainable forest management
  • environmentally safe (100% recyclable)
  • see  advantages