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Laminated entrance door friezes

for main doors – special construction for a higher dimensional stability


  • top layer: 6,6mm
  • middle layer: bar glued laminated
  • Anleimer: 24mm continuous or finger jointed 50+


  • 72 x 145, 83 x 145, 94 x 145 mm


  • good stamina by the special construction
  • the base for an eternal beauty of your main door in weathering
  • Gluing with 1K-PU glue for sealed and weather-proof glued joints
  • PU glued joint serves as vapour barrier inside the frieze and can be processed in an absolutely tool-sparing way
  • Customer-oriented flexibility with special dimensions and your required timber species
  • PU glue is heat-resistant up to 150°C
  • Resistant to weak bases, acids and solvents
  • see  advantages