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airotherm-Window scantlings -Window scantlings

Window scantlings for timber/timber-aluminium windows with a Uf value of up to 0,8 W/m²K.
Scantling dimension and chamber distribution can be individually adjusted to your profile.

Construction principle

The airotherm-window scantlings -window scantlings have a multi-ply design whereas the individual plys are grooved individually.
A thinner constructive ply serves as link.

Chamber distribution

On the basis of your cross-sectional window profile drawing, we prepare your individual airotherm-window scantlings scantling drawings.
Each of your profile gets a serial number and is stored in your customer drawing set.

Insert milling

The grooves of each scantling are produced according to the relevant length by means of insert milling. The remaining minimum, non-grooved zone at the face end of the scantling is 80 mm. Apart from that, the length of this zone is to be agreed upon individually. You can establish your corner connection and corner joint connection as usual.

Achievable Uf values* for:
  • Window system 68 mm approx. 1,1 W/m²K*
  • Window system 78 mm approx. 0,98 W/m²K*
  • Window system 92 mm approx. 0,89 W/m²K
  • Window system 102 mm approx. 0,83 W/m²K
  • Window system 110 mm approx. 0,78 W/m²K
* measured average values

Order & delivery

The airotherm-window scantlings -window scantlings are produced individually in an order-related form. In this connection, it must be possible for us to allocate each order item to the corresponding window profile.
The airotherm-window scantlings -window scantlings are produced in a 5 cm grid. So that we don’t have to shorten the non-grooved zone unnecessarily, we should know your minimum delivery length.
As at the time of your order, not much time is left, you should already have sent us your window profile drawings in dxf or dwg format for the chamber distribution in advance.