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...Wir bieten Lösungen
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Duo timber®

Duo timber® window scantlings

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Especially suitable for the manufacture of high quality weatherproof window and door elements.

We combine spruce- and larch timber and get duo-timber®. Thus the advantages of both timber species can be combined optimally.
The advantages of larch for outer layers are robustness and resistancy against weathering; spruce with its bright comfortable surface is ideal for the inner layer.

Timber species:
- larch/spruce/spruce
- TMT-spruce/spruce/spruce

Your Holz Schiller advantages:
- larch outside for restistance against weathering
- spruce inside bright and comfortable, up-to-date
- also available with thermal insulation

We guarantee a continuous high product quality due to own production from the purchase of log wood to the production plant for laminated timber.
Quality: according to Holz Schiller sorting regulations.