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Dura-Pine - window scantlings

Holz von hier
Native timber processed with the proper know-how – as durable as tropical timber and sib. larch.

With the special DURA-pine® grading it is possible to create a highly resistant and durable material without using any chemicals.

The pine heartwood in the outer layer absorbs less water than a not graded pine with a lot of sap. Modern technical industrial facilities and a high level of know how guarantee a constant product quality.


Holz Schiller advantages:
  • due to outer pine heartwood (minimum 80%) highly weatherproof and durable
  • available also heat insulated
  • also available in
  • also available in packaging suitable for machines

General knowledge about pine:

Our native pine with the botanical name Pinus sylvestris belongs to the group of “moderate light” coniferous wood in the weight range of 450 to 550kg/m3.

Colour and structure of the timber
  • Sap: white and yellowing when lightened, in case of fungal decay also with blue- grey staining, sap width according to the growing respectively tree age 3 – 6 cm.
  • Heartwood: yellowish white to reddish brown, darkening when lightened. The appearance of resin pockets is variable similar to the larch.
The wet sapwood is vulnerable to blue-stain fungus and is classified in resistance class 5. The pine heartwood without any living cells convinces with its natural durability, especially against fungal – and insect attacks and is classified in resistance class 3 – 4, if it is used free of sap in the outskirt area. Due to special grading methods of the single lamellae according to heart- and sapwood together with the lamination of the single lamellae it is possible to create a pine heartwood scantling in an industrial way.