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...Wir bieten Lösungen

Precious wood window scantlings


... so you can match your windows with your furniture or parquet flooring

High quality, glue laminated, generally knotless window scantlings, made of in quarter sawn / half quarter sawn selected precious wood.
Window frame wood Wing member Wing member
Window frame wood for wood-aluminium windows Wing member
for wood-aluminium windows for glazing with window bar
Wing member
for wood-aluminium windows with milled window bar
You will receive precious wood window scantlings in sizes:
72 x 76 mm 72 x 86 mm 72 x 115 mm 72 x 145 mm
83 x 76 mm 83 x 86 mm 83 x 115 mm 83 x 145 mm
94 x 76 mm 94 x 86 mm 94 x 115 mm 94 x 145 mm

Timber species:
- Walnut / spruce - Maple / spruce
- Cherry tree / spruce - Oak / spruce
- Alder / spruce - Birch / spruce

Holz Schiller advantages:
- selected precious wood
- selected quality
- different construction types

Variants with other types of wood or other superstructures are possible on request. We guarantee consistently high product quality through own production from log wood buying to sawing to the processing in the timber production facilities.
Quality: according to Holz Schiller's sorting conditions.