...Wir bieten Lösungen
...Wir bieten Lösungen

Special scantling for lift and sliding doors

... the perfect solution

Especially suitable for producing lift and sliding doors in different construction depths.

Holz Schiller advantages:
  • Perfect visual appearance due to targeted timber selection
  • Gluing with 1 K-PU glue for sealed and weather-proof glued joints
  • High functionality
  • Fast availability
  • Cost-efficient due to series production

  • 63 x 178 mm
  • 63 x 192 mm

  • 4.70 m and 6.20 m

Special layer and width laminated.

Outer layers: sorted according to structure and colour, finger-jointed
with 1.50 m - 1.80 m finger joining distances.

Timber species:
  • Spruce, pine, larch, oak,
  • Ökodura -pine
  • Ökodura -beech

Versions with other timber species or other structures possible upon request. We guarantee consistently high product quality through own production, quality management systems as well as external monitoring, from the saw mill to the processing in the timber production facilities. Quality: According to Holz Schiller’s sorting conditions.