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Laminated interior door friezes

Special construction for higher dimensional stability.

Laminated interior door friezes
PEFC Holz von hier IFT

Stabverleimte Innentürfriese

Interior door friezes with block core

Timber species:
spruce, pine, larch, oak, Red Grandis**, birch, natural beech, steamed beach, alder, ash, maple, hard maple, cherry, walnut, Ökodura -beech, Ökodura -spruce

42 x 124 / 145 / 155 mm

Length distribution:
3 short ones for 2 long ones

0,70 / 0,80 / 0,90 / 1,00 / 2,10 / 2,20/ 2,30 / 2,40 / 2,50 m

Your Holz Schiller advantage:

  • Gluing with 1K-PU glue for sealed and weather-proof glued joints
  • PU glued joint serves as vapour barrier inside the frieze and can be processed in an absolutely tool-sparing way
  • Customer-oriented flexibility with special dimensions and your required timber species
  • PU glue is heat-resistant up to 150°C
  • Resistant to weak bases, acids and solvents

Versions with other timber species or other structures possible upon request. We guarantee consistently high product quality through own production, quality management systems as well as external monitoring, from the saw mill to the processing in the timber production facilities. Quality: According to Holz Schiller’s sorting conditions.

**FSC certified