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...Wir bieten Lösungen

Multi-ply laminated window scantlings


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High-quality, laminated window scantlings, basically free of knots in quarter sawn/half quarter sawn, from our own production according to DIN EN 204 D4. From domestic forests PEFC certified.

Timber species:
Spruce, Fir, Duo-Holz® (spruce/larch), pine, oak, Siberian larch*, European larch
*not PEFC certified



We guarantee consistently high product quality through own production, quality management systems as well as external monitoring, from the saw mill to the processing in the timber production facilities.

All dimensions marked with x are available on a commission base. All dimensions marked with o are available on request within 1- 2 weeks. Special dimensions possible on request. Quality: according to Holz Schiller's sorting conditions.